Friday, November 18, 2005


Roy Keane has left Manchester United Football Club!!!!!!!!! This is the latest news and the most shocking piece of news I have heard in a while!

Apparently, the future at the club was untenable and after playing for tweleve years, it was time to move on!!! Getting Michael Ballack to Old Trafford seems to be even more important now!

More on the story later!!
We all will miss you KEANO!!!

*Later edit:The Manchester United website has some more news and quotes from Sir Alex, David Gill and the man himself.

Manager Sir Alex Ferguson said:
“Roy Keane has been a fantastic servant for Manchester United. The best midfield player in the world of his generation, he is already one of the great figures in our Club’s illustrious history. Roy has been central to the success of the Club in the last 12 ½ years and everyone at Old Trafford wishes him well in the rest of his career and beyond”

Roy Keane said:
“It has been a great honour and privilege for me to play for Manchester United for over 12 years. During my time at the Club I have been fortunate to play alongside some of the best players in the game and in front of the best supporters in the world. At all times I have endeavoured to do my best for the management and the team.

"Whilst it is a sad day for me to leave such a great Club and Manager I believe that the time has now come for me to move on. After so many years, I will miss everyone at the Club.

"I send my best wishes for the future to the management, players, staff and supporters of the Club.”

Chief Executive David Gill said:
“Roy has been a towering figure at the Club for over a decade. His dedication, ta
lent and leadership have been qualities that have marked him out as one of the true greats. On behalf of everyone at the Club, we wish him every success in his future career.”

I am still in a state of shock. It was a common rumour that Roy was leaving at the end of the season and all Man Utd fans were prepared for that. But, so early and suddenly!!! Astounding! He din't even get to play a farewell game at Old Trafford!!!


S said...

WHAT??????? jus about sums it up!! :O didn't expect this at all....had no inkling before....dammit!!! :O :O

Gounder Brownie said...

WHAT??????? He's gone??? Oh. Really. Let's all die.

Abhi! said...

sad day indeed

Abhi! said...

Very funny! You don't even know who Roy keane is.

Gounder Brownie said...

Oh I know him. You shuddup mistah. And yeah, I wando die.

Abhi! said...

You can die. Just don't use Keane as an excuse

Anand said...

Hey... I am a vetty guy who got here through your comment on Manasi's blog...
I completely agree with you on Keano! "They have mutually agreed for Keane to leave the club with immediate effect"! WTF!!! Don't people SEE such things coming??? All the Pundits be DAMNED!!!

Abhi! said...

Yeah, was shocked!! Not that he is gone, but the timing was all wrong! Hope Smith does a good job!

Anand said...

Good point... Smith is safely settled into holding midfielder now... yeah, I think he'll be up to it.

Abhi! said...

yeah, but I am not quite sure whether Smith can be a long term replacement. keeping my fingers crossed for Villareal match today!

Hellbrandt Grimm said...

Yeah, sad indeed. He was one of the faithfuls of MU and my hat doffs to that fact.

I really haven't been following football lately, but I do hope Smith fits in. MU are one team I would not want to get in a slump, much as they are always the second-best to me.

They could really use a star transfer now. And Sir Alex ain't so graceful anymore!

rk said...

worest feelings... i am depressed... tho not abt keane leavig ManU or anything.. generally...

Abhi! said...

Man United are the best! So is Sir Alex!

Abhi! said...

depression?? Hmmm!!!! Why, may I ask?

SportsKeeda said...

Nice old article :) ... u r following EPL now ?