Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Its Exam time.. Again..

Yeah, its that time of the year when one is required to prove to the university that he/she has gained something over the past few months. Its exam time again folks! Its 2 in the morning and my exam about 32 hours away and I am not even close to being prepared.

Shall keep updating as and when time permits
Cheers everyone!


S said...

when time permits?? Ha...time's most certainly not gonna permit when u spend the better part of the day on fone or meeting cute chicks!! :D

sincere comment from jr!!! :D

Rim said...

Best of luck dude. Study well, forget the cute chicks(as mentioned in earlier comment) for a while...:D

Abhi! said...

Cute chicks a?? Where?? Where??

Abhi! said...

thanks dude! will do!!

rk said...

hahaha ------> S

and s i am very vetti today..