Wednesday, April 13, 2005

traffic traffic everywhere

I am not usually one to complain abt roads and traffic situations in good ol' Chennai but I am forced to... I think that explains my day on the roads today..

It started off well but at the saidapet signal, my vehicle was abt to give way.. (read sputtering).. I somehow dragged on and took a left to CIT nagar.. (btw.. i was headed towards West Mambalam).. Somewhere in the lanes of CIT nagar, my vehicle came to a stop.. Me tried starting for 10 mins. But no luck.. Then I bulbed.. Looked into the fuel tank NOT A DROP OF FUEL.. . Didn't realise tht there was no fuel when I started off... apparently, the fuel indicator was wrong.. (or maybe i did not look).. anyway.. called a frend up. He did not pick up cos he was asleep.. (calls me abt 45 mins later..useless fellow.ghrrr..) So, me pushed (or was it pulled. does it matter) the vehicle to a petrol bunk which was abt a Km away..Burnt a lot of calories (made up for it later as you shall soon find out)..

anyways.. at the fuel station (this was one of those shady bunks .. no pure for sure..or such signs)..ok. I used the concept of "something better than nothing".. this attendant dint mix OIL and petrol (he poured OIL separately and Petrol separately) and hence my vehicle sputtered for a good 5 km thro the crowded streets of T.Nagar and W.Mamb.

Ok. 2 hrs later .. work done.. Time abt 7 30 pm.. I drop a frend off and then make a stupid decision of goin to mount rd via panagal park /duraisamy subway. (for chennaites, these places have the most volume of traffic especially evenings). Another 30 mins gone in negotiaiting a stretch of hardly 2 Km and I am tearing my hair out from under my helmet (guys if u wanna know how tht is done. contact me..) . finaly make it to this frends place near mount road and later we decide to hog at dhaba express.. this explains the calories thingy earlier.. tht finished. i drop him back (time = 9pm)... and still there is traffic at nandanam signal. Had to wait atleast 3 rounds of signalling (or was it four.. I stopped counting)... and had to negotiate traffic all thro mount road/saidapet before arriving safe and sound but pisssed with the whole world in general...

until next time..

(state of mind == irritated)

Monday, April 11, 2005

Jobless on a monday morning!!!

Hmm... Well, its monday afternoon now.. Wrote the title a couple of hrs back and forgot abt it until now..Well, basically I am approaching the highest degree of boredom (if there evr was something defined like tht).. Its not tht I have nothing to do.. Infact i could fill an entire blog with a things to do list. Its just that I aint getting around to even starting to do stuff.. Woke up at approx 10 in the morn (tht gave me abt 7 hrs of sleep).. Needless to say, a power cut was what woke me up.. These things are really gettin on my nerves.

There is this farewell party for the seniors tht is supposed to happen.. So hoping for some good food and some good eye catching fun!!! lolz... Got my GRE on june 6th.. might as well prepare for tht..
until next time..

Sunday, April 10, 2005

dunno why i worry about the future so much

Ok.. I dont know why this thought keeps occuring to me very often (actually everyday) nowadays.. Now does that make sense.. I couldn't care less.. This is the kind of state I am in.. Anywayz. am almost done with three years in SVCE (yeah, thts where i study).. There is just a year left and questions abt the future haunt me.. Am clear i wanna do an MS and a Ph.D (geeky ain't it.. :D) but wanna get into a top univ and the whole thing is scaring me...
Coming to today, it was a pretty ordinary sunday, nothin extraordinary happened.. Was woken up at around 10 am by a phone call and i dont remember wht i said to the other person. and since summer has arrived, so has power cuts. They are driving me crazy. Dint have electricity for loke an hr and a half in the afternoon. So methought that the haircutting saloon (AC) would be a good bet.. Alas, I was wrong!!!! No power there as well.. Just as I was goin crazy, the Electricity board officials showed some mercy and power was restored.. Hair Cutting done, the next was cricket. Played after a long time and it showed.. whole body stiff now as i sit writing this absolutely meaningless blog..
anyways.. until next time..