Sunday, December 30, 2007


Cracks me up every time I see it. Its an old joke, but still !

Saturday, December 29, 2007


I was interviewed by Vaish and here is how it went. we are, to interview our verrry own Shtudd boy... Mr.Kadalai Gopal...oops..I'm sorry ....Abhishek Gopal... :D...Well, it's going to be tough, but I want honest long answers and juicy answers Mr. Gopal!!! So here goes...

Right, I am all set !

1. Let's begin with your talent, your greatesht talent.....putting don't deny it!!! It's a fact that you were king of kadalai at one point of time! Not anymore though. So Tell us about your ability, in detail?

You flatter me with such titles and compliments, I must say! There is no ability as such, it is just a way of life :) I am not denying anything, but at the same time, I am not accepting it as well. And it definitely is not my greatest talent, not something I would put on my CV ever. Let us just say that I like talking a lot, and more often than not, it has meant that people around me assumed that I was putting "kadalai" when all I was trying to do was probably make decent conversation about the weather and seeing whether the other person would draw diagrams on my record for me :) Imaginations can run wild, I say !

2. Interesting, but a lot of details are missing! ;-) I heard about a certain incident that happened while you were in SVCE, with a certain "Anjali Sharma"... what exactly happened!!?

Ahhh!! You are well informed, I must say ! It happened years ago and frankly, it was nothing but a prank played by a few friends. They pretended to be someone named Anjali Sharma, and later told me it was a prank. Quite funny, in retrospect.

3. Fascinating,I'm sure there are other such interesting episodes which we will discover soon, but lets talk a little about academics, shall we. Your blog boasts about it and we all know that you are currently pursuing an MBA at IIM-Ahmedabad. You were all set to do an MS if I am right, but you suddenly tripped and landed here. I know for a fact that you never stepped into any coaching centre before you wrote CAT. So tell us the whole story, right from you deciding to do your MS to you landing up in an MBA at the most prestigious institution in India, if not the world.

Its no story, it kind of just happened I guess, one of those things that you can't explain. Yes, an MS is what I had in mind, but a combination of personal reasons plus other stuff regarding the university where I got financial aid compelled me to do an MBA. I don't regret it actually, its been a fun two years and I have certainly learnt a lot here at Ahmedabad. Yes, I did not go to a coaching center simply because it was not pre-planned. And I am decent at Math and English and just went into the exam hall with the intention of giving it my best shot. It cost me 1100 bucks, after all to write the CAT. I had no intention of marking random answers. One thing led to another after that and I found myself with interview calls from the IIM's. I went to the interviews with the same mindset and made it to IIM A. The rest, as they say, is history.

4. Oooohh.....somebody's a brain boy...but oh....don't hate me for this next question! What is your advice to our regular humankind who are attempting CAT next November?

Advice !! Absolutely nothing. Just keep cool, give it an honest attempt and if its meant to be, it will happen !

5. Ok!!!! That was refreshing....So...heading to our next question...What has been the most embarassing moment in your life ever? How did you tackle it?

That's a good question, but unfortunately, I don't have a great memory and I don't know of too many 'really' embarassing things that has happened to me. The incident mentioned in question 2 is one for sure. Others being when I got sent out of class for sleeping and banged my head against the half open door twice. I usually laugh at myself and thereby the situation really doesn't become that embarassing.

6.Hmmmm...Nice.... Tell us a bit about your School and your school life?

School life was spent at Vana Vani inside IIT Madras. Amazing place, lush green everywhere, amazing teachers, friendly students and superb atmosphere. I spent twelve years there and enjoyed every bit of it. I still go back to school when I get time and try and keep in touch with a few of my teachers and classmates as well. School was to me, a home away from home and I enjoyed to serenity of the place as well. I would recommend Vana Vani to anyone simply because of the location and the kind of students who go there.

7.Thats great, though it was a long time ago! You seem ancient all of a sudden. You're what? 22? My.....that's old :P....But no..actually, where do you see yourself settling down in the future? India or Abroad? and wherever you choose, what is the reason?

Sigh ! I do feel old. Yeah, been over five years since I left school. And honestly, I don't know the answer to your question myself. It looks as if it will be India. I want to remain in India simply because it is an amazing place to live. I love the chaos and the lifestyle here. I still have a few months to decide though.

8. Super.... you're a true Indian, heart and soul!!! Okk... I'm boring you....and I'm also getting last question.....What is the one thing you will do anything in the world for to achieve/do/get......and why?

Strange as it may sound, I don't have those extreme desires at all. All my ambitions have been within normal limits of achievability and I have never really wanted anything very badly. Most things in this world are achievable if you put your heart and soul into it, and if you don't get it even after the effort, maybe it was never yours in the first place.

That was amazing.... Thank you so much Mr.Gopal, for your time and energy! I'm impressed by your answers and most definitely entertained! :D Wish you all the luck and good fortune in the future!

Thank you very much! It was a pleasure talking to you!


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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Elevator Fiasco

A couple of guys from China called us home for dinner one evening. So off we went, across the river, to a place called Deutz. Li was going to meet us at the station, since we did not know their house. We followed the Indian Standard time and reached a respectable 10 mintues late, but Li outwit us and reached a further 15 minutes later.

When we reached the apartment building, Xing came down to let us in. We trooped into the elevator and were joined by a German speaking Moroccan student as well. Note that the fact that she knew German would assume significance later.

When the seven of us are inside, and the doors are shut, the elevator suddenly decides that it does not want to 'elevate' us to the seventh floor and stops functioning. Moreover, it refuses to open the door to let us out so that we could trudge up seven floors or use an alternate elevator. For ten minutes, we try pressing all the buttons but to no avail. Our cell phones did not work either.

Then, one of us has a brainwave and presses the alarm. Someone outside says hi on hearing the alarm. We say hello to him and he wishes us a good evening and walks off :(. Fortunately, the apartment manager came and tried resetting the elevator and doing some adjustments but that failed as well. This is where the German speaking ability of the girl was useful because, the scene would have been so comical if we, in our broken German, and they, in broken english had tried to converse! So he had no option than to call the technician, who on a saturday evening we assumed, would already be downing his fourth or fifth beer. Note that we had already spent close to a half hour in captivity.

Xing meanwhile realises that he had left rice on the gas to boil. After 30 minutes, he realises this! He calls out to the helpful friend outside and gives him his apartment number and asks him to tell the roomies to switch off the gas. This guy goes up and comes back in ten minutes only to tell us that he couldn't find his apartment. Another five minutes and the fire alarm triggers. We thought that someone had activated this to rescue us. But no! This was because our man Xing had left the rice on. Within two minutes, the elevator doors opened and we were staring at firemen asking us to get out of the building as they had to evacuate it. Five fire trucks in a matter of minutes, an ambulance and a police car. That is what is German efficiency !! Sadly, it doesn't apply to elevators I say !

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Dada Rocks !

Back to back centuries. One at his home ground and one at Bangalore. That too a double hundred !

Sachin not playing, even better ! :)

Go Dada! Go India !

Saturday, December 08, 2007


I am taking this course on Political Institutions, and for that, I need to write a paper. My topic has something to do with the Indian political system (the politics freak that I am) and I am googling for some information. Guess which site gives me what I am looking for ??
This one.

The United States Dept. of State !!!

Highly ironical I think.

Ah, back to writing.


Saturday, December 01, 2007

A new month, a new post

Its december, the last month of the year. Quite a few things happening this month though!

For starters, it is the business end of the trimester and one has work to do in order to pass courses. Such a pain, I say ! Especially considering the fact that I haven't done anything academically noteworthy during the past few months! I have a term paper, a couple of presentations, a couple of exams and numerous other formalities before I leave for India in roughly 3 weeks.

Also, people I know are getting married and settling down in life. I feel so old, *sigh* ! And the worst part is that I won't be able to attend these weddings! Damn, that's a lot of good food that I will have to pass. Here's wishing you a very happy married life.

It feels christmasy in Cologne and the christmas markets have started already. Maybe I will go and buy something. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves and in a holiday mood. My christmas is going to be spent in Madras this year. Last year, I remember, it was spent mugging for end term exams.

Ciao for now. Back to work :(