Monday, April 14, 2008

The Times of India

This is a launch that has been much talked about in the recent past and certainly lived up to its hype. Having read the TOI for the last couple of years in Ahmedabad, I was looking forward to see what they have to offer to the more "news-hungry" Chennai junta.

The front page had a nice personal note by Jaideep Bose, the lesser known editor of the paper. In fact, all the other big papers are known to have popular editors, notable amongst them being N.Ram and Shekhar Gupta. Additionally, Anand's article was very good as well. The rest was regular TOI fare, with some masala thrown in as well. I am told that they have a 3 lakh plus subscription base already, lets just wait and watch if the Hindu takes a hit. Whether the Times can upstage the Hindu as the companion of the filter coffee.