Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Goodbye Laloo, Welcome Nitish!

The Bihar verdict is out!! The voters have spoken!! Its been a vote for change this time in Bihar with the Rashtriya Janata Dal( RJD) alliance virtually wiped out of power in the state. Out of the 243 seats in the Bihar assembly, the National Democratic Alliance comprising the Janata Dal United and the Bharatiya Janata Party bagged a whopping 145 seats, well clear of the magic number of 122. The blame game has started but it was refreshing to see Laloo accept defeat gracefully and welcoming the new government in Bihar.

As far as the media coverage goes, it was extensive with every news channel wanting a chunk of the limelight. I even noticed that the different news channels were jostling over who gets to talk to the winner first and it ended with Barkha Dutt of NDTV dragging a NDA MP and filming an interview with him. It was also surprising to see Rajdeep Sardesai on CNBC. He has joined the channel and is currently involved in launching a 24 hour English news channel called IBN. Lots of ex NDTV journos are now involved in it and are helping Rajdeep as well. Hoping that it launches soon, because for Indian Politics, Rajedeep Sardesai is the man to watch.

On to other happenings and the India V South Africa match was abandoned in Chennai today due to persistent rain. Sad, considering that I had gone to the stadium and had to return disappointed.

The biggest challenge that the NDA has is to improve Bihar. The big question to be asked here is whether anyone can ever improve Bihar to a large extent and put Bihar on the path to recovery. Its a question, which will be answered, perhaps as time passes.

Cheers from a very wet Chennai!!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Heights of desperation??

I was orkutting in general and found some scraps in girls' scrap books that really speak of these guys' very low self esteem. Call it weird/funny/desperate, I think it speaks volumes about the heights of desperation that these guys are going through.
Some excerpts from random scrap books:
hi..thought of scrapping becoz im badly n need of freindz...n ur profile 2 is impressive..just check out mine n decide...but whtever it b plz do scrap back...me waiting.......

know me no na i know how can u know me if u wanna then add me up.
one compliment u looking graet a typical indian girl

Hi xxx... yyy from zzz. Came across ur profile. Nice 2 c u. Like 2 be in ur buddies list. Will u add me to it? Scrap me n we'll know 'bout each other

And this one takes the cake!!!
Hi ,

I am xxx here from yyy.

Tell me abt ur self!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you knw tamil language!!!!!!!!!

eppadi iruuka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DDDDiiiiiiii

I have just picked up some random quotes and have no intention of offending anyone.


Friday, November 18, 2005


Roy Keane has left Manchester United Football Club!!!!!!!!! This is the latest news and the most shocking piece of news I have heard in a while!

Apparently, the future at the club was untenable and after playing for tweleve years, it was time to move on!!! Getting Michael Ballack to Old Trafford seems to be even more important now!

More on the story later!!
We all will miss you KEANO!!!

*Later edit:The Manchester United website has some more news and quotes from Sir Alex, David Gill and the man himself.

Manager Sir Alex Ferguson said:
“Roy Keane has been a fantastic servant for Manchester United. The best midfield player in the world of his generation, he is already one of the great figures in our Club’s illustrious history. Roy has been central to the success of the Club in the last 12 ½ years and everyone at Old Trafford wishes him well in the rest of his career and beyond”

Roy Keane said:
“It has been a great honour and privilege for me to play for Manchester United for over 12 years. During my time at the Club I have been fortunate to play alongside some of the best players in the game and in front of the best supporters in the world. At all times I have endeavoured to do my best for the management and the team.

"Whilst it is a sad day for me to leave such a great Club and Manager I believe that the time has now come for me to move on. After so many years, I will miss everyone at the Club.

"I send my best wishes for the future to the management, players, staff and supporters of the Club.”

Chief Executive David Gill said:
“Roy has been a towering figure at the Club for over a decade. His dedication, ta
lent and leadership have been qualities that have marked him out as one of the true greats. On behalf of everyone at the Club, we wish him every success in his future career.”

I am still in a state of shock. It was a common rumour that Roy was leaving at the end of the season and all Man Utd fans were prepared for that. But, so early and suddenly!!! Astounding! He din't even get to play a farewell game at Old Trafford!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Its Exam time.. Again..

Yeah, its that time of the year when one is required to prove to the university that he/she has gained something over the past few months. Its exam time again folks! Its 2 in the morning and my exam about 32 hours away and I am not even close to being prepared.

Shall keep updating as and when time permits
Cheers everyone!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Minister without a portfolio

News came in this evening that Natwar Singh has been stripped of his Foreign Ministry portfolio. Apparently, the official reason was that there would be a conflict of interest since the committee set up to probe the Volcker report would have to contact the United Nations Officials via the External Affairs Ministry. Clearly, Natwar Singh then could not remain boss.

However, he has not been asked to leave the cabinet. Which means, he still gets Union minister treatment like a free bungalow, free telephone calls every month, and other allowances that only union ministers are eligible for. And whats more, he doesn't have to discharge any duties till his name is cleared.

Talk about leading a relaxed life!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Normal Service Resumes!

Manchester United finally put in a performance that was long awaited this evening at Old Trafford. Their opponents -- the premiership champions and seemingly invincible Chelsea. It was over a year ago that Chelsea last suffered a premiership defeat. Incidentally, that was also in Manchester.

It had been a tough 7 days for Sir Alex and his side as Man Utd got comprehensively beaten by Middlesborough 4-1 last weekend and then by Lille in the Champions League in midweek. Captain Roy Keane ( who is injured btw) got into the players and criticized them for their lack of committment and desire on the pitch. But, it seemed a long shot. I for one, did not expect United to beat Chelsea because I thought that Chelsea just had too much quality in the midfield with the likes of Essien, Shaun Wright Philips, Lampard, Joe Cole, Duff, Makelele, and Robben.

We started well, kept up the momentum, scored a goal through a wonderful header from Scottish international Darren Fletcher and soaked up the pressure from Chelsea in the final third of the match.

The victory brings us within 10 points of Chelsea with a game in hand. Thats against Wigan Athletic, who are new comers to the Premiership and currently lie second above United and below Chelsea. I hope that this is the turning point of our season and this win enables us to put together a good string of results and hopefully catch Chelsea


Thursday, November 03, 2005

Another Test, more interesting though!

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Looking at the results, I would say they are reasonably accurate!
Test courtesy Brownie