Wednesday, July 27, 2005

An Eventful Day!!!

Yeah, July 25 which was a couple of days back was a very eventful day. It was the day my results were announced for the (not so) recently concluded semester exams and also the day when I gave my GRE.

Starting off, my exam was scheduled for the afternoon and hence I got up at around 8. It was a pretty dull morning and after having a shower and breakfast, I left for the test center, which is about 25 mins from my place. I realised that I had reached early and hence had quite a long wait in store. Luckily, there was this other guy who I knew and hence we whiled away the time chatting.

Exam was done by 4 and I had done reasonably well!! Though it was not my best performance, it was not a bad one by any stretch of imagination. I reach home in half an hour and learn that my exam results were to be announced that very same evening but at 8pm. I said to myself, "Ok, that is still about 2 and half hours away and that I can relax for sometime, maybe even a small nap. But as luck would have it, I got some phone calls and before I knew it, the time was about 6.15. And then, I start getting smses telling me that the results are out. I was like, "Oh My God!!! So soon!!!."

To top it all off, the University page refused to load and it was my friend CK who called telling me that the page was loading for him. He checked his number and had cleared all his subjects. I was like, "dey check mine also da." and was waiting with bated breath. My heart almost stopped beating when he said, wait, ur page is loading and when he said I cleared all, I was like, thank GOD!!!!!! Was a huge relief.

Results done, back to phone and cell and landline kept buzzing regularly to keep me occupied till late into the night!!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Killing Innocent people!!!

On 7th July, multiple terror attacks rocked the city of London killing around 50 people and injuring several others.

Just a couple of weeks later, just as London was recovering from the earlier attacks, police found 4 undetonated explosives in various public areas, the most notable being the ones on the London Underground System which serves as the backbone of London's public transport system.

Barely 24 hours had passed when bombs went off in a tourist resort in Egypt killing 88 people and injuring around 200 of them.

All of them innocent tourists who were on vacation and just wanted to have a relaxing holiday. But these terrorists, whoever they might be don't spare anyone.
And these kind of headlines just keep appearing all over the newspapers. Just recently, I read that an explosive device had gone off in a shop in Patna and that another one had expolded somewhere in Spain.

I am hoping that these are the last ones and that the terrorists realise that they are killing people who are not at fault at all!!!

My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones in these attacks.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Take the tests

This site has some really cool tests and other stuff that will keep you entertained.
Anyways, I took one of the tests and this is what appeared.
I am nerdier than 86% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Template Change

Yes, it was long overdue.
I have changed the template on my blog and played around with the colors as well.
Also incorporated are weather updates and Google search. Hope all of you like it

Discovery all set to blast off!!!

The NASA space mission DISCOVERY is all set for its launch at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral. This is NASA's first mission since the Colombia disaster which ended in a crash over the state of Texas killing all the seven crew members on board. Among them was our own Kalpana Chawla from Haryana.

And according to NASA, they are taking no chances with regards to safety of astronauts and there are goin to be 112 cameras, YES, 112 cameras filming the lift off to check for possible debris and other related safety issues.


As I am typing this, there is still just over an hour and 35 mins left for the launch.

*end of update*

On a personal note, I would love to see Discovery being a successful mission and people's faith on NASA being reinforced.

*Update 2*

Due to some techincal problem in blogger, I was not able to post this some half hour back. Now, I find that the Launch has been delayed due to a problem in the fuel tank.

From the NASA page,

Today's Return to Flight launch of Space Shuttle Discovery has been postponed due to an issue with a low-level fuel cutoff sensor onboard the vehicle. The sensor protects an orbiter's main engines by triggering them to shut down in the event fuel runs unexpectedly low.

*end of update 2*

On a personal note, I would love to see this mission become a huge success and people 's faith in NASA reinforced

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Sunday, July 10, 2005

99 questions

Thanks to Suderman, I am posting this on my page.. Read on.

1. What is your full name? Abhishek Gopal

2. When is your birthday? May 12, 1985

3. What is your sex? Male

4. Do you have siblings? No, only son!!!!!!!!

5. Who do you live with? Mom and grandmother..

6. Are you single? YES.. Atleast for Now.....!!!!

7. Do you have pets? Na..

8. What is your hometown? Born in mumbai, been brought up in chennai(madras)

9. Where do you live now? Madras

Part 2 - What is your favourite...

10. Colour? Blue

11. Day? Friday.. the weekend is approaching

12. Month? I dunno. None in particular I guess.

13. Season? Hot only. Havent seen any other weather in chennai

14. Animal? Dogs are adorable. Cats are fine as well

15. Flower? Me dont like flowers..

16. TV Show? any sport show, or any reality show on AXN .

17. Movie? The Shawshank Redemption rocked!!!!Mohabbatein was good as well.

18. Commercial on TV? The Hutch Ads. Even if I use AIRTEL

19. Song? Musu Musu by Shaan, Chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko

20. Food? Love Pastas........

21. Disney Character? Mickey Mouse

22. Cartoon Character? Scooby Dooby Dooo

23. Non-alcoholic drink? Tender coconut water

24. Alcoholic drink? Don't drink much!! HAve the occasional beer.

25. Kind of dessert? Butter scotch Ice cream

26. Restaurant? Noodle house, New Yorker, Saravanas for the southie foods..

27. Store? Landmark, Odyssey.. Any book store basically

Part 3 - If you could...

28. Go anywhere in the world where would you go? Venice

29. Talk to anybody dead or alive who would you choose? Hmmm.. Osama Bin laden

30. Do anything you wanted to what would you do? Buy a house in Manchester and watch Man Utd play every week at OT

31. Change one thing about the world what would you change? Attitude of Indian Politicians

32. Have one superpower, what would it be? Invisibilty:-D

33. Change one thing about your past what would u change?Nothing, I have no complaints. Nothing specific actually

Part 4 - What is your least favourite...

34. Colour? Pink.

35. Day? Any working day which involves waking up early.

36. Month? Again , nothin in particular

37. Season? Summer

38. Animal? Cant stand Birds, if tht qualifies as animals!!!!!

39. Flower? Everything and anything


41. Movie? Yaadein, The devils advocate

42. Commercial on TV? The ads for underwear.. Disgusting!!!!

43. Song? Anu malik in Har dil jo pyar karega. Cant remember the lyrics now.!!!

44. Food? Lebanese.

45. Disney Character? None. i guess they are all ok..

46. Cartoon Character? Jetsons!!!

47. Non-alcoholic drink? Water Melon Juice

48. Alcoholic drink? Again not much of an alcoholic...So..

49. dessert? Death By chocolate

50. Restaurant? cant seem to think of anything..:-D

51. Store? Foodworld!!!

Part 5 - If you\'re a girl fill this part in (guys skip to part 6)

52. What do you look for in a guy?
53. Long or short hair?
54. Book smart or jock smart?
55. Tall or short?
56. Big or little muscles?
57. Sweet/sensitive or Sweet/tough?

Part 6 - If you\'re a guy fill this part in (girls skip to part 7)

58. Tall or short? Preferably medium!!But then, cant wish for too much can I...!!!

59. Beauty or brains? Both, brains more than beauty though.. Cant stand DUMB WOMEN!!!

60. What do you look for in a girl? Sense of humour, understanding and gentleness. I dont like loud and aggressive women!!

61. Long or short hair? Long hair....

62. Curly or straight? Preferably curly!!! Most of the gurls I fall for seem to gave curly hair.. Straight is fine too..

63. Sweet or butch? Sweet definitely..

Part 7 - The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear....
64. Farm - Chicken
65. Zoo - Vandalur
66. Red - HOT!!!!!
67. Bug - Beetles
68. Punk - wannabes
69. Ralph - Ralph?? Who???
70. Glue - Fevi Stik
71. Mouse - Mickey
72. Fire - my current display pic on MSN messenger
73. Life - Long
74. Phone - Tring Tring!!!!

Part 8 - In the next 10 years do you see yourself...

75. With a job? Yes!

76. Married? Hmmm.. Yeah. I guess so...

77. With kids? Dunno.. One probably

78. In a different town from the one you're in now? probably..depends on the next year of my life..

79. With a pet? No.. Don't think so..!!!

80. With a lot, or a little money? Lot of money.. Surely.. Why would anyone imagine himself with little money!!!!

81. In your own house? Yea..surely..

82. Happy? Dumb question! Of course!

83. Still friends with the friends you have now? yeah.. but I am not very good in keeping in touch with ppl.. But Will try my best!!!

Part 9 - What is your favourite memory of...

84. Elementary school? Was In Ahmedabad and the rest of my primary and middle school in chennai. Loved my chennai school, lotsa greenery around..

85. Highschool? My ex girlfriend!!!!!!!! Again, the IIT Campus and the beauty and serenity1!!!

86. College? Still in college.. Will answer in abt a yrs time..

87. University?Again. Not yet....

88. Prom? Dont think I remember!!!

89. New Years? The usual ones yes!!! But specifically, one new years night, I was driving, about 2 in the morning, was a wild drive, almost hit a cow and on the way back, took a right near tidel park and entered the wrong lane.. there was a lorry coming full speed on the opposite side and a police jeep behind.. Just managed to swerve at the last minute!!! Was a close one!!!!
90. St. Patricks day? None..

91. Christmas? Santa claus is all I can think of!!!!1

92. Halloween? Not applicable

93. Summer? HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!!!and my birthday falls in the month of May too

Part 10 - Would you rather be...

94. Hot or cold? HOT

95. Tired or wired? Wired

96. Hungry or full? Full

97. Tall or small? Tall!

98. A lion or a tiger? Lion!

99. Canadian or American? Indian!

thats it!!!! DOne!!! finally!!!Let me see how many people actually have the patience to do this! He he he!