Sunday, July 24, 2005

Killing Innocent people!!!

On 7th July, multiple terror attacks rocked the city of London killing around 50 people and injuring several others.

Just a couple of weeks later, just as London was recovering from the earlier attacks, police found 4 undetonated explosives in various public areas, the most notable being the ones on the London Underground System which serves as the backbone of London's public transport system.

Barely 24 hours had passed when bombs went off in a tourist resort in Egypt killing 88 people and injuring around 200 of them.

All of them innocent tourists who were on vacation and just wanted to have a relaxing holiday. But these terrorists, whoever they might be don't spare anyone.
And these kind of headlines just keep appearing all over the newspapers. Just recently, I read that an explosive device had gone off in a shop in Patna and that another one had expolded somewhere in Spain.

I am hoping that these are the last ones and that the terrorists realise that they are killing people who are not at fault at all!!!

My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones in these attacks.

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