Wednesday, July 27, 2005

An Eventful Day!!!

Yeah, July 25 which was a couple of days back was a very eventful day. It was the day my results were announced for the (not so) recently concluded semester exams and also the day when I gave my GRE.

Starting off, my exam was scheduled for the afternoon and hence I got up at around 8. It was a pretty dull morning and after having a shower and breakfast, I left for the test center, which is about 25 mins from my place. I realised that I had reached early and hence had quite a long wait in store. Luckily, there was this other guy who I knew and hence we whiled away the time chatting.

Exam was done by 4 and I had done reasonably well!! Though it was not my best performance, it was not a bad one by any stretch of imagination. I reach home in half an hour and learn that my exam results were to be announced that very same evening but at 8pm. I said to myself, "Ok, that is still about 2 and half hours away and that I can relax for sometime, maybe even a small nap. But as luck would have it, I got some phone calls and before I knew it, the time was about 6.15. And then, I start getting smses telling me that the results are out. I was like, "Oh My God!!! So soon!!!."

To top it all off, the University page refused to load and it was my friend CK who called telling me that the page was loading for him. He checked his number and had cleared all his subjects. I was like, "dey check mine also da." and was waiting with bated breath. My heart almost stopped beating when he said, wait, ur page is loading and when he said I cleared all, I was like, thank GOD!!!!!! Was a huge relief.

Results done, back to phone and cell and landline kept buzzing regularly to keep me occupied till late into the night!!


Anonymous said...

eventful indeed!! n how abt the score??

wanderin warrior said...

yeah whats your score ?

Archana Ramesh said...

i've grown out of worrying abt AU results.. find them a really bad indicator of technical knowledge!! agree?

Abhi! said...

Really bad indicator of technical knowledge!!Totally true beacuse the correction/evaluation system is totally flawed. But their courses and sylabbus are of very decent quality though!! WHat say??