Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I am here..

Lots happening in life. I got through the first term here at IIM - A, said by most as the toughest period on campus academically. Term I ended ten days ago, I made a short trip back home for 6 days, and was back in time for the second term to start.

Seniors on campus told us that the second term is lighter than the first, but I am yet to see that happening. If nothing, it is actually more workload than the first term. Hopefully, things should even out in a while. The highlights of term 2 are "Confluence", our inter B school management fest and the summer placement process, both happening in november.

Hectic time ahead though. I also went to a garba event on sunday and it was a lot of fun. Very tiring, but thoroughly entertaining. Being in Gujarat does have its advantages after all !! :-)

Back with more later