Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Chappell vs Ganguly : Is the saga over??? - Part 1 of a two part post

I would think not!!! Judging by the run of events today, definitely not! Chappell and Ganguly were called upon to present their respective cases in front of the BCCI's special committee. This committee consisted of noted names like Ravi Shastri, Sunny Gavaskar and BCCI (*so called*) administrators like S.K Nair and Ranbir Singh Mahendra, the president. Also present was past BCCI president Jagmohan Dalmiya, though I can't understand why he was called.

A quick flashback as nothing of great significance took place today. All the action took place over the last few days!

It all started with Saurav Ganguly telling the media after the first test match in Zimbabwe that he had been asked to step down by the coach. This was later denied by Greg Chappell in his by-now-famous E-mail to the BCCI president. More on that later.
This was the beginning of what would turn out to be one of the most hostile and much publicized confrontations in Indian Cricket's long history.

This done, soon after the Zimbabwe tour ended, Greg Chappell fired an email to the BCCI defending his position in the entire matter and also voicing his views on the current state of the Indian team and its captain. This was a 6 page email that was leaked to the media (sources unknown :-))

Greg Chappell begins by saying that he had never asked Sourav to step down but to rethink his position after the end of the series. Ganguly had asked him for his opinion on his current batting form to which Chappell replied, "I told him that I thought he was struggling as a player and that it was affecting his ability to lead the team effectively and that the pressure of captaincy was affecting his ability to play to his potential. I also told him that his state of mind was fragile and it showed in the way that he made decisions on and off the field in relation to the team, especially team selection."

He goes on to say that Ganguly used to make frequent changes to the team and that his frame of mind was not proper and this reflected on his decision making skills both on and off the pitch!

He also added and I quote :
"I also told Sourav that his nervous state was affecting the team in other ways as he was prone to panic during pressure situations in games and that his nervous demeanour was putting undue pressure on the rest of the team. His nervous pacing of the rooms during our batting in the final plus his desire to change the batting order during our innings in the final had also contributed to nervousness in the players waiting to go in to bat. His reluctance to bat first in games I suggested was also giving wrong signals to the team and the opposition and his nervousness at the crease facing bowlers like Shane Bond from NZ was also affecting morale in the dressing room".

Chappell further goes on to say that based on all these above mentioned observations and some other comments from fellow team members, he is of the opinion that Sourav should consider stepping down and allow some other member (Rahul) to lead the team and look ahead to the WC 2007!

Coming to the most shocking part according to me! The feigining of injury during the practice match against a weak Zimbabwe 'A' side!! According to Greg Chappell,
"The following day Sourav batted in the match against Zimbabwe 'A' team in the game in Mutare. I am not sure of the exact timing of events because I was in the nets with other players when Sourav went in to bat, but the new ball had either just been taken or was imminent when I saw Sourav walking from the field holding his right arm. I assumed he had been hit and made my way to the players' area where Sourav was receiving treatment from the team physiotherapist, John Gloster.

When I enquired as to what had happened Sourav said he had felt a click in his elbow as he played a ball through the leg side and that he thought he should have it investigated. Sourav had complained of pain to his elbow at various stages of the one-day series, but he had resisted having any comprehensive investigation done and, from my observation, had been spasmodic in his treatment habits, often not using ice-packs for the arm that had been prepared for him by John Gloster. I suggested, as had John Gloster, that we get some further tests done immediately. Sourav rejected these suggestions and said he would be 'fine'. When I queried what he meant by 'fine' he said he would be fit for the Test match. I then queried why then was it necessary to be off the field now. He said that he was just taking 'precautions'.

Rather than make a scene with other players and officials in the vicinity I decided to leave the matter and observe what Sourav would do from that point on. After the loss of Kaif, Yuvraj and Karthik to the new ball, Sourav returned to the crease with the ball now around 20 overs old. He struggled for runs against a modest attack and
eventually threw his wicket away trying to hit one of the spinners over the leg side.

The next day I enquired with a number of the players as to what they had thought of Sourav's retirement. The universal response was that it was 'just Sourav' as they recounted a list of times when Sourav had suffered from mystery injuries that usually disappeared as quickly as they had come. This disturbed me because it confirmed for me that he was in a fragile state of mind and it was affecting the mental state
of other members of the squad.

When we arrived in Bulawayo I decided I needed to ask Sourav if he had over-played the injury to avoid the danger period of the new ball as it had appeared to me and others within the touring party that he had protected himself at the expense of others. He denied the suggestion and asked why he would do that against such a modest attack. I said that he was the only one who could answer that question.

Rest in part 2

Monday, September 19, 2005

Dress codes, mobile phone ban, What next???

Anna University has done it again!!!(don't think that it is fit to be called a university anymore, more like a prison) Quite clearly, there is a generation gap between the VC of the univ and the students of today. I don't think anything else would explain the actions taken by him and mentioned in the title!!

Recently, he announced a bizzare set of rules that would apply to all the 230 odd colleges that are affiliated to this Univ. That constitues like most of the engineering colleges in the state barring the IIT, NIT and a few deemed universities. Banning mobile phones during lecture hours is one thing, imposing a blanket ban on them is another. What rights does the university possess to tell me when and where to use my mobile phone?? I agree that its use can be curbed during the lecture hours but not during my free time!! Does the university pay my bill?? Considering the fact that most of the colleges are located outside the city limits, cell phones are essential as many a time, delays can occur on account of traffic jams and students need to inform their loved ones at home in order to reassure them!!

Coming to the dress code part, this is the most ridiculous rule I have ever come across. Fine, I agree that students should dress conservatively but this doesn't mean he tells us what to wear. This move seems to be a sexist one according to the girls because it prohibits them to wear anything other than Salwars. Tell me, does this mean that guys will stop ogling at them and concentrate on academics. Students who study regularly will continue to do so and people who don't won't change their attitude overnight and start concentrating on their books just because such weird rules are imposed!!! It doesn't spare guys as well, we apparently are not allowed to wear jeans!!! What!! Why!!! Reason given is that engineers are professionals and should dress professionally. I mean, its the brains of the engineer that matters and not the appearance in the end!!! Most college goers are teenagers or people just out of their teens, they shouldn't be told what to wear!! At an age where they are allowed to drive, drink leaglly, elect a Prime Minister, use credit cards, the last thing they want is for someone to tell them what to wear!!! I think the univ should stick to imparting education and not moral policing. Parents know best and when they don't object, why should the Univ?? Do you really think that this rule would be followed by students?? I don't think so as the only thing that guys wear is their unwashed faded blue denims.

Instead of wasting its time on such trivial things, the Anna Univ must concentrate on improving the standards of
1. Question Papers

2. Evaluation System ( The less said the better!!)

3. Supporting colleges by providing infrastructure

4.Good quality faculty

I could go on and on!!!!

Quote from the Anna Univ website. Read it here

Its been pasted here for easy reference!!

Taking its penchant for disciplinarian education a step further, Anna University has banned the use of cell phones and prescribed a dress code for students in all engineering colleges across the State from Thursday.

It will also take a serious view of any film-based cultural events being held in such colleges, Vice-Chancellor D. Viswanathan told The Hindu .

The restrictions will be in force in 227 engineering colleges, apart from the university's four constituent colleges where a ban on camera phones is in force. The varsity has dispatched letters to the effect to the institutions. "There will be no military-like strictness in implementing the rule and institutions have been asked to go about it in a phased manner," Dr. Viswanathan said. Students violating the ban will be warned and then proceeded against according to the code of conduct rules.

The dress code states that students should not wear jeans, t-shirts, skirts or sleeveless and tight-fitting outfits and enjoins them to dress conservatively.

According to the Vice-Chancellor, while certain outfits detract from the seriousness of academic pursuits, cell phones, especially those that come with cameras, cause problems on campus and eat into valuable lecture time.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


this might be on everyone's blog!!! But what the hell!! :-P

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Ashes are back with the English!!!

For all you non-cricket lovers out there, forgive me for posting about the ashes twice in a row. Well, this post is slightly behind time but what the hell!!! Better late than never!!

If you haven't already heard it from someone, hear it now..


Michael Vaughan and his team have totally outplayed Ricky Ponting's men and have beaten them comprehensively to bring the ashes back to the Northern Hemisphere after a gap of 18 years. Ricky Ponting was gracious in defeat though accepting that England were just too good for them. A quick recap:

Lords - England beaten comprehensively by a margin of over 200 runs! I was like, this is going to be another one-sided affair with the Aussies steamroling the Englishmen.

Edgbaston - A thriller which went right down to the wire!! England should have won easily but Brett Lee played a heroic innings but England prevailed winning by the slimmest margin of 2 runs

Manchester - Again a thriller, the Aussies were forced to hang on till the last ball, infact for four overs, McGrath and Lee survived Harmison and Man of the Series Flintoff. Match Ends in a draw

Trent Bridge - This was a superb performance by England and they won this by 3 wickets

The Brit Oval - It was all down to this one test match. England needed to avoid defeat to get the ashes and that is exactly what they did. Another fact which helped was that it rained quite a lot and a lot of time was lost to that.

Never again will umpire Rudi Koertzen remove the bails to such a loud cheer. England had done it!!!!! And the ashes were back!!!!!