Monday, September 19, 2005

Dress codes, mobile phone ban, What next???

Anna University has done it again!!!(don't think that it is fit to be called a university anymore, more like a prison) Quite clearly, there is a generation gap between the VC of the univ and the students of today. I don't think anything else would explain the actions taken by him and mentioned in the title!!

Recently, he announced a bizzare set of rules that would apply to all the 230 odd colleges that are affiliated to this Univ. That constitues like most of the engineering colleges in the state barring the IIT, NIT and a few deemed universities. Banning mobile phones during lecture hours is one thing, imposing a blanket ban on them is another. What rights does the university possess to tell me when and where to use my mobile phone?? I agree that its use can be curbed during the lecture hours but not during my free time!! Does the university pay my bill?? Considering the fact that most of the colleges are located outside the city limits, cell phones are essential as many a time, delays can occur on account of traffic jams and students need to inform their loved ones at home in order to reassure them!!

Coming to the dress code part, this is the most ridiculous rule I have ever come across. Fine, I agree that students should dress conservatively but this doesn't mean he tells us what to wear. This move seems to be a sexist one according to the girls because it prohibits them to wear anything other than Salwars. Tell me, does this mean that guys will stop ogling at them and concentrate on academics. Students who study regularly will continue to do so and people who don't won't change their attitude overnight and start concentrating on their books just because such weird rules are imposed!!! It doesn't spare guys as well, we apparently are not allowed to wear jeans!!! What!! Why!!! Reason given is that engineers are professionals and should dress professionally. I mean, its the brains of the engineer that matters and not the appearance in the end!!! Most college goers are teenagers or people just out of their teens, they shouldn't be told what to wear!! At an age where they are allowed to drive, drink leaglly, elect a Prime Minister, use credit cards, the last thing they want is for someone to tell them what to wear!!! I think the univ should stick to imparting education and not moral policing. Parents know best and when they don't object, why should the Univ?? Do you really think that this rule would be followed by students?? I don't think so as the only thing that guys wear is their unwashed faded blue denims.

Instead of wasting its time on such trivial things, the Anna Univ must concentrate on improving the standards of
1. Question Papers

2. Evaluation System ( The less said the better!!)

3. Supporting colleges by providing infrastructure

4.Good quality faculty

I could go on and on!!!!

Quote from the Anna Univ website. Read it here

Its been pasted here for easy reference!!

Taking its penchant for disciplinarian education a step further, Anna University has banned the use of cell phones and prescribed a dress code for students in all engineering colleges across the State from Thursday.

It will also take a serious view of any film-based cultural events being held in such colleges, Vice-Chancellor D. Viswanathan told The Hindu .

The restrictions will be in force in 227 engineering colleges, apart from the university's four constituent colleges where a ban on camera phones is in force. The varsity has dispatched letters to the effect to the institutions. "There will be no military-like strictness in implementing the rule and institutions have been asked to go about it in a phased manner," Dr. Viswanathan said. Students violating the ban will be warned and then proceeded against according to the code of conduct rules.

The dress code states that students should not wear jeans, t-shirts, skirts or sleeveless and tight-fitting outfits and enjoins them to dress conservatively.

According to the Vice-Chancellor, while certain outfits detract from the seriousness of academic pursuits, cell phones, especially those that come with cameras, cause problems on campus and eat into valuable lecture time.


Anonymous said...

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Hellbrandt Grimm said...

Been there..done that..
There's no way AU is going to revoke the ban. And all we can do is whine, and ramble on about rights infringement, et. al. How all students share the despondency is actually a positive out of the seemingly no-win situation. We are after all pretty united!

The univ has some of the most corrupt officials (lots of scams and dirty stuff to back that). I think unless someone can play the dirty game and outplay them at that, there's no hope for engg. students.
But yes, I do wish things were different. Blatant injustice!

puyal said...

Gawd ,I thought that these students had more spine and did something big. Zydar might turn out right after all. This is the time for armtwisting people...

Hellbrandt Grimm said...

Puyal - As I see it, almost everyone (among the students) have accepted that there is nothing they can do to change it. There is an air of resignation, and no sign of a fightback of any sort (except, if you must know, a crank sms that did the rounds). With such an attitude, going against the university in protest of a direct ban sounds absolutely far-fetched!

Interesting blog, by the way, yours!

Stamping Authority said...

The stupid @ the helm is doing all this nonsense crappy work..
He actually detests wearin black(as it is a symbol of sorrow),ORANGE,GREEN(Colours on national flag) and RED for gals( as it is distracting)...
All coz he doesn't like 'em...
And he hates bio-tech..
p.s. he has announced this in front of a class in anna univ.....
I dont know why he's acting so strangely..
I think anna univ had a better VC in EBG....
And as for valuation, both myself and ZYDAR are against it...
Total crappy correcion...
And the paper is limited...
I dont know why they restrict the future engineers for limited space to express the concepts and viewpoints..???????
Neways cheers..
Nice blog..
Keep going.......

Camphor said...

Tell you the truth... the AU move left me with my stomach clenched. If AU does it, can VIT be far behind?

It is inevitable that the whole of TN, in an attempt to "protect" it's "girls" will wind up strangling the entire student population.

Does the Management remember being 19/20? Hello, and half the university is postgrad - 22+. You can decided who rules the country, but not what to wear, not what to carry, not where to use your possions.

How much of this is technophobia? IF the teachers were good, would we be smsing in class? I wouldn't.

'Nuff ranting.

Camphor said...

erm. possessions. Typo.

vidyanjali said...

Hey Abhi!

Nice to see your blog. To tell u the truth the AU VC is crazy and most likely jobless too! What other job do these people have but to invent new methods of torturing students...

Ah! I am sooooo happy I am in Madras Christian College. There is plenty of freedom and like Jeppiar institutes there is no "boy-shud-not-talk-to-girl" taboo also.. I love my college for this! :)


Abhi! said...

Some ppl are not as lucky as u :((

Nikhil said...

so, what are you wearing today?!!