Saturday, August 06, 2005

There is somethin about this man!!!!

Amitabh Bachchan is back!!! And so is KBC!!! Normally, I am not the kind of person who watches a lot of TV but I watch KBC solely for Amitabh. The man has one hell of a screen presence and if not for him, I don't think KBC would have had even half the success that it has managed to achieve.

On Friday, KBC 2 which is a new series with higher stakes and a slightly modified set of rules started airing. The first participant was an IITM Engg student from Bihar. He won 6.4 Lacs.. But, thats not the main reason why this show has such a huge following. Its becuase of the man who sits opposite to the contestants, and guides them thro' the entire show.

Amitabh calls the show Kaun Banega Crorepati Dwithiya. At 9 pm, the lights dimmed and the familiar KBC tune went on air. The Big B was dressed in a smart leather jacket and a floral shirt underneath. A very casual look and a refreshing change from the formal clothes he used to wear earlier. The usual Fastest Finger First round followed and the IIT guy made it through. Another change that I noticed is that Amitabh casts doubts into the mind of the participants causing them to be slightly more circumspect with their answering.

Bottomline is that even though its a new series and some things have changed, for instance, participants get a fourth lifeline after answering 5 questions and that the stakes have doubled and is now 2 crores, its like KBC had never taken a break and the good old show is back!!!!!

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Camphor said...

I wish I didn't have to struggle through a Gulti dubbing him into Tamil. I was happy with the hindi version. *sigh* Dang the set top box.