Thursday, November 03, 2005

Another Test, more interesting though!

Global Personality Test Results
Stability (83%) high which suggests you are very relaxed, calm, secure, and optimistic..
Orderliness (43%) moderately low which suggests you are, at times, overly flexible, improvised, and fun seeking at the expense of reliability, work ethic, and long term accomplishment.
Extraversion (56%) moderately high which suggests you are, at times, overly talkative, outgoing, sociable and interacting at the expense of developing your own individual interests and internally based identity.
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trait snapshot:
rarely irritated, positive, tough, non phobic, fearless, likes the unknown, self reliant, high self control, confident, trusting, strong instincts, prudent, optimistic, willful, likes parties, prefers a specialized career, takes charge, altruistic, strong, high self concept, adventurous, practical, thoughtful

Looking at the results, I would say they are reasonably accurate!
Test courtesy Brownie


Camphor said...

Whoa! That's a nice high stability level. You go! Mine is at 50%, and well.. don't you dare say half-nut-case.

Waht I know of you seems to match the snapshot too. :D

Gounder Brownie said...

Oh you are sure to outlive me!! I'm killing myself by the end of this year.

Abhi! said...

Yeah, I found the results pretty accurate too!
And no, I am gonna shut up! You said it yourself ;)

Abhi! said...

I thought it was a month! The year still has two months left. Well, approximately at least!

rk said...

dey vetti scene. that crap is accurate huh?? you wish you had all those qualities!! ok will start with stability... otha you are about as stable as... i dont know.. a beaker of frozen nitroglycerine (u know.. its supposed to be unstable or so i remember reading :D)! dude.. last week you wanted to open a friggin "pancher shop" :D...

i was going to pick each quality and proceed to explain y you do not possess it.. but no enthu...

finally... to the ladies : abhi IS all of those things.. he is also suave, smart, funny and whatever else girls like.. :D

rk said...
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Hellbrandt Grimm said...

Most untrue in my case. It says I have 85% stability. Not true... simply unacceptable *rolls eyes*

S said...

ahem...i said it once and i'll say it again...tat no true!! :O
extroversion i'll agree...esp to the fairer sex ;D!!! (hint hint!!)
and thoughtful!!!!!! :O :O :O
don't even get me started!!! :D

Abhi! said...

good to see you back after the problems that u had with ur ISP:)

Abhi! said...

I am saying its true! End of story!!!