Saturday, November 19, 2005

Heights of desperation??

I was orkutting in general and found some scraps in girls' scrap books that really speak of these guys' very low self esteem. Call it weird/funny/desperate, I think it speaks volumes about the heights of desperation that these guys are going through.
Some excerpts from random scrap books:
hi..thought of scrapping becoz im badly n need of freindz...n ur profile 2 is impressive..just check out mine n decide...but whtever it b plz do scrap waiting.......

know me no na i know how can u know me if u wanna then add me up.
one compliment u looking graet a typical indian girl

Hi xxx... yyy from zzz. Came across ur profile. Nice 2 c u. Like 2 be in ur buddies list. Will u add me to it? Scrap me n we'll know 'bout each other

And this one takes the cake!!!
Hi ,

I am xxx here from yyy.

Tell me abt ur self!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you knw tamil language!!!!!!!!!

eppadi iruuka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DDDDiiiiiiii

I have just picked up some random quotes and have no intention of offending anyone.



Gounder Brownie said...

How could you do this to me?? It was I who left ALL those scraps. Damn, I'm so offended!

Gounder Brownie said...

Btw, do you want to do friendship with me? Decent friendship only yaaa.

Disclaimer- By 'decent', I mean 'Tamil culture' friendships permitted by Dalit Panthers and the PMK ONLY.

rk said...

deeyyyy!! yaaru pesarudhu... fraud... i seem to remember somebody leaving a scrap in a certain girl's scrap book... something along the lines of "Man U fan" or something if i remember right.. :-D

rk said...

ok doesnt sound too despo.. but the intention was the same right?? i mean.. to get to know the babe... and some gen time pass..

rk said...

its just that you have a TALENT while the other slightly more repressed, and less talented folk resort to such nonsense.. and maybe they are naive, but some girls actually do respond!! and btw the i recongnise the last scrap :D

Abinand said...

Here's one msg i found in my friend's scrapbook:

Hi!! Your display pic is AWESOME. u r very beautiful. i like to be ur friends. please add me. And i am not so bad as i look in my pic.

Abhi! said...

Ha Ha!! I sincerely apologize for my mistake yaaa!!

Abhi! said...

Dey, summa irru da.. I din't sound deso and no, my intention was not to know the girl, only to let her know that I was surprised that there was a girl who followed footie!
What eventually happened is besides the point!

Abhi! said...

Ha Ha

S said...

well, well, well!!! nice to see on record all the crap on orkut!! :D
and What eventually happened is besides the point???! LOL!!!! :D
i'll need an explanation!! :D :D

Hellbrandt Grimm said...


I have better things to do than Orkut. As a matter of fact there only one reason I reamin in Orkut, and that be a particular community.

rk said...

deyyy... surprised that a girl could like football?? even for the moment overlooking the fact that that comment is mildly sexist, have you never seen women fans in stadiums or heard of women football teams?? (no wisecracks of these teams comprising "men" will be tolerated :D)
accept it da.. you wanted to put kadala.. :D

and S.. all the best for your iit's n stuff.. lets both go kick his ass for the "what happened next..." comment :D

rk said...

hmmm.. i have an idea.. since i am too lazy to start my own blog and because i get this urge to mouth off rather frequently, i am going to start blogging here!! i will write my blogs on your comment pages and then ppl can comment on mine when they comment your blogs!! this way i will have an assured viewership as well!! :D "the blog parasite", yuck!! :) where is the full stop?!!

what do you think of my brilliant suggestion??

Abhi! said...

Yeah, I meant football is not very popular among women in India.. Thats all! And seriously,no intention of kadalai! trust me on tht one:P

About u using the comment page, go ahead!! :-D

Abhi! said...

What?? You call that crap?? And what explanation!!! ???

Abhi! said...

All of us have different reasons for using orkut!

Camphor said...

:D I already told you that I think Orkut is a collossal waste of time. lol, and I know why a whole bunch of guys are on it - totally despo. *sigh* What a total waste of time. But not like we are any different:

do add me to your freinds list, becuase [insert fawning here] and post back on my blog

:D from my comments section

Abhi! said...

Ha Ha