Monday, November 07, 2005

Minister without a portfolio

News came in this evening that Natwar Singh has been stripped of his Foreign Ministry portfolio. Apparently, the official reason was that there would be a conflict of interest since the committee set up to probe the Volcker report would have to contact the United Nations Officials via the External Affairs Ministry. Clearly, Natwar Singh then could not remain boss.

However, he has not been asked to leave the cabinet. Which means, he still gets Union minister treatment like a free bungalow, free telephone calls every month, and other allowances that only union ministers are eligible for. And whats more, he doesn't have to discharge any duties till his name is cleared.

Talk about leading a relaxed life!


Hellbrandt Grimm said...

Wow! India rocks, dosen't it?

Do these fine gentlemen know that there exists a word in the dictionary called shame? We wonders, aye we wonders....

Normally, I would say innocent until proven guilty, but in this case, I would be willing to reverse it.

Abhi! said...

These guys seem to be denying it! and there is substance in their denial. I mean, they haven't received any notice from Volcker or so they claim!

Only time will tell !

kailazh said...

vetti fellow!!!!

Abhi! said...

Look who is talking!!

rk said...

mera bharat mahan! jai hind! sare jahan se achcha!! vande mataram!!!! errr... jana gana mana??

Abhi! said...

did u stand up while singing jana gana mana!!