Monday, April 11, 2005

Jobless on a monday morning!!!

Hmm... Well, its monday afternoon now.. Wrote the title a couple of hrs back and forgot abt it until now..Well, basically I am approaching the highest degree of boredom (if there evr was something defined like tht).. Its not tht I have nothing to do.. Infact i could fill an entire blog with a things to do list. Its just that I aint getting around to even starting to do stuff.. Woke up at approx 10 in the morn (tht gave me abt 7 hrs of sleep).. Needless to say, a power cut was what woke me up.. These things are really gettin on my nerves.

There is this farewell party for the seniors tht is supposed to happen.. So hoping for some good food and some good eye catching fun!!! lolz... Got my GRE on june 6th.. might as well prepare for tht..
until next time..


S said...

abhi....tell u wat....CHILL!!! :O :O....these 2 incidents...idhukellam poi feelings a??? slightaa konjam too much dude!!! :D

wanderin warrior said...

Is this a blog or a personal diary? :-)