Sunday, April 10, 2005

dunno why i worry about the future so much

Ok.. I dont know why this thought keeps occuring to me very often (actually everyday) nowadays.. Now does that make sense.. I couldn't care less.. This is the kind of state I am in.. Anywayz. am almost done with three years in SVCE (yeah, thts where i study).. There is just a year left and questions abt the future haunt me.. Am clear i wanna do an MS and a Ph.D (geeky ain't it.. :D) but wanna get into a top univ and the whole thing is scaring me...
Coming to today, it was a pretty ordinary sunday, nothin extraordinary happened.. Was woken up at around 10 am by a phone call and i dont remember wht i said to the other person. and since summer has arrived, so has power cuts. They are driving me crazy. Dint have electricity for loke an hr and a half in the afternoon. So methought that the haircutting saloon (AC) would be a good bet.. Alas, I was wrong!!!! No power there as well.. Just as I was goin crazy, the Electricity board officials showed some mercy and power was restored.. Hair Cutting done, the next was cricket. Played after a long time and it showed.. whole body stiff now as i sit writing this absolutely meaningless blog..
anyways.. until next time..