Wednesday, September 12, 2007

From Deutschland

Hello readers, (Yes, you and you !!)

Arrived in Deutschland about ten days ago and had my first class yesterday. Good fun. Was a light lecture with a lot of laughs in between. We have exchange students from as far as Japan and Argentina as well alongwith Turks, Spanish and Italian students. The new experience is enlightening.

Koln as a city is nothing to write home about. It was bombed during the war and they hurriedly built it back in the 1950's and it isn't what anyone would call an architectural masterpiece. The public transport is good, not as great as London's Underground but good enough considering it is a smaller city. It is a student town, houses the nation's biggest university with over 50000 students. People are very nice and helpful, although in the first week, without knowing any Deutsch, it was kind of hard managing in supermarkets and banks.

My first mis-adventure was the fact that my bags did not accompany me on the flight from Dubai to Frankfurt. The connection time which was originally an hour and 45 minutes got reduced to about 45 minutes due to my Chennai flight arriving late. I transferred successfully, but my bag did not make it. They sent it home to Koln two days later. Sucked ! But there is nothing I could do about it. Thankfully, it came in a good condition unlike a friend's plight with a different airline in which his suitcase was damaged.

I also went into the wrong classroom and sat there for ten minutes before realising that it was a class taught in German :-) Hastily made a retreat. The professor could not pronounce my first name which is good because that will involve less cold calling. Yay !

Also visited some nearby towns last week. You see one place, you've seen them all. They all look the same and are all on the banks of the Rhine. Very picturesque.



swaminathan said...

i am swaminathan. an average engineering student who aspires to get into one of the iim's. can u give me some guidance on how to prepare for the ultimate test.

Vaporizing Phantasm said... make Germany sound boring!!!!!

and @ previous comment with re: you....LOL.....ROTFL!!!