Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Radio One - 94.3 FM. And also, why is there no hindi music station here?

I am hooked to this station everyday. The only time I listen to the radio is when I am driving. Earlier, when I was in madras, I used to listen to Radio Mirchi regularly, mostly because it was a good station and my bus played that on our journey up and down from college. I used to listen to Suchi and some chap in the afternoon talking and entertaining listeners. And the songs were not too bad either.

Recently, Chennai seems to have a new station. Radio One rocks. I enjoy their programmes and its very entertaining, especially between songs. I like their spoof on police in Chennai. Totally rocking. The RJ's aren't too bad either. In fact, I am told that Suchi of RM fame has moved here. Wonder what drew her. Anyway, competition is good for the market. Helps radio channels innovate continuously.

Which makes me think, why isn't there a radio channel that streams hindi music all day long? The answer to that lies in the fact that it does not seem to be a lucrative proposition. Let us look at the target segment. Who do you think listens to the radio?? Mostly, it is the auto drivers, tea shop owners, iron shop guys and the like. Now, the chances of them knowing hindi are practically nil. And if there is no audience, who will advertisers target? And if there are no advertisers, how will the audience make money. There might be a huge hindi speaking population in Chennai, but not all of them listen to the radio. Maybe its tamil which will rule :-)


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