Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Is the justice system in India finally coming of age ??

In the recent weeks, India has seen some landmark decisions in its courts.
There was Sanjay Dutt, who was convicted under the arms act but acquitted under TADA and his sentencing is due next month. Then, there was former Union Minister Shibu Soren who was sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering his secretary. Incidentally, his first night in jail was a troublesome one as mosquitos bugged the hell outta him !
More recently, Navjot Singh Sidhu, the man famous for his quotes was convicted in an age old case (1988) and sentenced to three years in prison. Earlier, the impression among the general public was that powerful people would never be convicted, even if there were tons of cases and charge-sheets against them.

In my opinion, this trend is changing and soon we should see more and more tainted famous people behind bars ! In fact, the supreme court has quashed petitions from Lalu and Rabri asking all their cases to be dismissed ! Way to go !!
Atleast now, these people will think twice before they do something wrong. I mean, having someone as a union minister, someone who has murdered his own secretary is simply not done!! Alas, the prime minister, one of the most respected people in India has no choice as his hands are tied because he has to run a coalition government.
Hopefully, things have changed for the better now!


Y-Shoe said...

3 cheers for changes in the justice system!!!!

hip hip HURRAY!!!!!


Ajith said...

Justice delayed is justice denied..Still we have a long way to go ..I dont think justice reaches the common man in India.

Vishal Thyagarajan said...

Quite the contrary actually. Sidhu's conviction, seeing as it is so close on the heels of Shibu Soren's case, reeks of dirty politics [We have a tainted politician. There! You have one too]. If indeed politics had a hand in Sidhu's case, it's actually quite a shame the judicial system is being used for petty political games. As always, I hope I'm wrong.