Friday, November 24, 2006

Should Chappell go ??

I have always maintained that Chappell was never the right man for the job. Recently, I read a news article in which it was said that Sunil Gavaskar also opposed his appointment when Chappell was interviewed.

Well, Sunny seems to have been right on the money as the Indian team is not performing at all. To use an oft-repeated argument, it all started with the Ganguly - Greg spat after the Zimbabwe tour following which things were never the same. Ganguly went, and with it, the fighting spirit in the team. Dravid is a class player, no doubting that. He is also a good thinker, but lacks that X factor which Saurav had. When Saurav was on the field, he was charged up and demanded good performances. I don't see that with Rahul Dravid.

Another thing that is prevalent with the current team is that some players take their place in the team for guarantee and they never seem to be dropped. They consistently don't perform for 10-15 innings and suddenly, one innings they perform and people go, "aaah!! There you go!!." Something needs to be done about this!

There is just too much money in Indian cricket and the performances to match them are just not there! Greg Chappell is paid a lot of money as coach but I don't see any results. And its been a while since he has taken charge. The will to win just does not seem to be there!!!

If this team goes to the world cup with the same attitude, we might as well concede defeat and not play !



s said...

haven't thought about chappell.

but why have you flicked my template?? :P :P

zydar said...

Ah what a coincidence. I posted about a closely related issue just today.

Chappell might have been a mistake but I wouldn't make the mistake of judging him before the world cup is over. He is certainly capable of turning it over. For all our sakes, I hope he does.

PS : Shifted the blog. Follow the link on the name. Cheers!

Y-Shoe said...

Can i agree with you more???

Greg Chappell needs a kickin his hind side and needs to be locked up in a far away place :)