Friday, May 06, 2005

Phew!!!!!!! Just 3 more to go

Yeah.. Anna University exams are on in full swing!!! And I am so glad that there are only three more exams left.

*Updates on exams*
Exam 1 : 29-04-05

Title : - Digital Communication

This is one of the exams that I will always regret for not doing well. It was such a simple paper. All theory. I had to search for numbers in the paper (of course.. apart from the question no.. !!duh!!!)!!! I am probably not kidding when I am saying that it will be one of my bigger regrets if because of this paper, I lose out later on.. Well.. enough moaning..

Exam 2 : 03-05-05

Title : Electromagnetic Waves and Wave Guides

After writing this exam, I can not so proudly say that i still do not have an inkling as to what a Wave guide is or just how two fields are transverse to each other....That is how much I knew/know about the subject when I went in..And it was a f**king question paper. The problems that were given were either

a) Incorrect (Conceptually)
b) Involved too many calculations
c) Made no sense ( Atleast to me :-P)

Anyway, cutting to the chase, I guess I should clear this paper (Hopefully!!! fingers crossed !!)

Exam 3 : 06-05-05

Title : - Computer Communication Netwroks

Ahhh!! Finally!!! Now this exam went off very well. Even though the paper was VAGUE, I kinda feel good about it.. Now, this gives me some hope and inspiration for this semester.

Very sleepy now..
unitl I blog again..

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