Friday, March 23, 2007

Question - Will Bermuda beat Bangladesh

Even if they did, I don't think our boys deserve to play the Super Eights. A dismal performance to say the least. And all you Sachin fans out there, this was one more example of a situation when he din't perform when absolutely necessary. He should hang up his boots and retire gracefully.

I can go back to hoping that West Indies will finally have their glory days and lift the cup ! And that the Indian team is safe!


s_h_r_u_t_i said...

but people still hope! cricket has become a mania truly.
god save us all.
i dint know IIM gave you the time off to watch matches though. lol

Y-Shoe said...

Look here for you name. the latesht post. I know you aren't quite jobless.

Abhi! said...

IIM gives me the time If I need it! Well, we didn't deserve to go through. Hope Greg Chappell is paraded around Kolkata and Sachin retires peacefully

Abhi! said...


Will do it sometime. When, I can't promise you. But soon

Arvind said...

Indians dont deserve to pay in super 8's: Agreed

Indians deserved to lose to B'desh:Agreed

West Indies wining the WC:heights of Optimism.

Sachin should hang up his boots : Maybe not..and sachin is a West Indian :P..he is a lot better than most even if he gives a 80 %

Think of Saurav who ate away so many balls in each game..there are other ppl who should be thinking of hanging their boots
But Saurav's comeback: Thoroughly Appreciable but WC performance ws x-(.

Think of Sehwag more than Tendulkar..he needs a break in Hawaii.

Overall: the amount that these ppl are paid and the professionals these ppl are can be said as 'Mis-apropriate' assets !

I am supporting the team that plays best competitive cricket !

Y-Shoe said...

And looks who's calling me y-shoe