Monday, October 16, 2006

Deadlines and more deadlines

A deadline is something that is sacrosanct in WimWi. Most deadlines are specified as 23:59:59 and believe me, these are followed. I have become a very punctual person after coming here, if I might say so myself.

The second term here is much more hectic than term 1 in terms of deadlines. Summer placements are around the corner and the campus is very active with everyone applying to companies of their choice and busy filling forms, networking etc etc.

And as is tradition, all work gets done in the last hour before the deadline approaches. I was actually surprised at myself for finishing something about 6 hours ahead of time!! :-)

Which reminds me, such joys are shortlived. Off I go, chasing another deadline.


Y-Shoe said...


well yes, I understand (journalists always do :P)

s_h_r_u_t_i said...

well yes i understand too.. (architects always do ;) )
and for us.. its a little more literal.. go figure :)