Sunday, July 02, 2006

One week, and still up and running!!!

Yeah, I've been here a week now and can confidently say that I have survived week one at the toughest B-school in the world to get into!!

This places makes you slog, there are no two ways about that!! And, after spending most of my undergraduate life "NOT" slogging, this came as a surprise, pleasant or not, I don't know!!

There is always something happening here and getting time alone is kinda hard, especially in the first week with orientation and a lot of other activities and all..

Will post more when I get time..


Sagaro said...

Good good, slog bigtime. its good for health.

Rim said...

Hey da..good luck at IIM-A. Slog big-time cos u shud be knowing that u r @ a place where most only dream of getting into. Best of luck.

hamsini said...

Go slog!

Sheks said...

u'll have to compromise on some quality sleep for the next 2 years.Keep slogging(and blogging).

hamsini said...

oh,and dude,you might wanna change the info on your're no longer an average engineering student are you??

Arvind said...

Write a book after ur first sem.. 9 point someone :D
'A' the best B-school u sure dont expect..candy distribution at A.
Happy Orkutting..Ohh..I mean slogging :D !