Thursday, April 06, 2006


As a result of my TV remote conking out ( batteries drained) coupled with my laziness to replace those batteries, I was forced to watch the same channel on TV for the entire day. I attribute this to my laziness in getting up and changing the channel manually. Also, the match on TV wasn't all that bad and it was worth a watch. Yes, even though Saurav wasn't playing :(

Anyways, usually, when I watch TV, I keep channel surfing, especially during the commerical breaks, much to my mom's irritation. She claims that it hurts the eye if channels are changed rapidly. Don't know whether that is true or not, but for the record, I have good eyesight and do not wear glasses or lenses.

But today, I was forced to watch these advertisements on Sahara One. I think that some of these commericals are downright crazy and have no relation to the product that they are trying to sell. I like Airtel's ads. Nice and enjoyable to watch. The entire series, right from the time A.R.Rahman composed the song which became a rage until the recent Shah Rukh Khan - promoted ones have all been nice. Recently, airtel has come out with something called the music shop and it has to be the best ad I watched today!

Other nice commercials that I have liked include the one with Hutch and the dog ( FYI, I do not like hutch with pink now and I don't use hutch anyway). I saw a new ad for lifebuoy soap, one with a kid and all. I think advertising products using kids helps 'cos it grabs the viewer's attention.

My current favorite is the Airtel one !!

On the other side, I can't stand these commercials for beauty products!! Some of them are downright silly and you don't really know what they are selling unless they actually show you the product. The one that takes the cake is the Fair and Lovely ad with kris srikanth in it!! Highly illogical. Or these detergent advertisements where each one claims to be the best!!

Later edit::

Got new batteries!! Won't be seeing ads for a while now!



bearer! bring 2 cup tea said...

wait a minute!!! i remember seeing a tube of fair n lovely in your room!!! hahahahah... fair n lovely soshy... :D

Abhi! said...


What are you talking about??

Ha ha! Nice try:P

bearer! bring 2 cup tea said...

so you want to be the new model of fair n lovely huh????

Abhi! said...

No No,

I detest fair and lovely!
only fair and handsome you idiotic bearer..

Maybe you can audition for F & L

Gounder Brownie said...
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Gounder Brownie said...

@Soshy- Dearest Soshy, how on earth can you like that Airtel music shop ad? Have you noticed that guy with glasses who taps bottles as if he has attained nirvana? He looks positively daft. A fine mixture of a confused cow and a neefy poo.

Didn't you once tell me that the secret of your beauty is Fair and Lovely? In fact, didn't you once attempt to immolate yourself on the beach because somebody suggested that Fair and Lovely is only for women? Didn't I commend you for your protest against sexism? Dearest Soshy, how can you forget the past?

How can you forget that Fair and Handsome was launched to prevent your self-immolation? Do not be humble. Praise comes your way, embrace it, my son.

@Bearer- Buy a phone.

ham said...

You may not like the fair and lovely ads, but I know for a fact that you like women who use them.:p

@ brownie:A fine mixture of a confused cow and a neefy poo-bleedin' brilliant-ROTFL!!!

Abhi! said...

gounder brownie:

I din't notice that nirvana attained chap! thanks for bringing HIM to my notice:)
Do you even know what a neefy poo is?? Haan?? How can you compare someone to a mixture of confused cow and neefy poo??



I hear you are KRYing because your phone is cupping. Someone asked me to contribute to KRY. I told them to go take a hike:)

Abhi! said...



OuTlaW said...

the comment section is more interesting than the blog itself grandpa.. revealing stuff.. fair and handsome. hahaha!

dooby said...

u actually use fair n handsome??!! lolz!! imagine u replacing the dumb guy in the add..!! lolz!! :D

Gounder Brownie said...

Dearest Soshy, May I address you as White Anna from now on?

Abhi! said...


:-). Yeah yeah. Have fun on your holiday!!

Abhi! said...


nakkal da onnaku!! I don't remember that ad now:P

Abhi! said...

Dearest Gounder Brownie/Whitey

Why would you want to call me that.. I am neither white nor anna.

There is only one anna! Or rather in your part of the world, they call him annachi!!:)

Most cordially,

Gounder Brownie said...

Dearest Soshy, has the whiteness bled your brains out? Poor albino. If you had been a baby tiger, your parents would have eaten you up at birth.

Abhi! said...

Dearest brownie,
There is no whiteness and hence it won't bleed anything. And yes, before you say anything, there is a brain:)

Luckily, I am human and not from some godforsaken- whatdoyoucallit land like you claim to be, oh woman who is 5 feet tall:P

bearer! bring 2 cup tea said...

@White Anna - audition ehh?? i am going to go wearing my custom made "neefy poo mask"... i am already imagining all the chicks mobbing me... you didnt you tell me all along that this was the secret of success ehhhhh?? fraud boy..

wait a minute!! maybe this is what neefy poo is!!
neefy poo = Nee Fnl/h Youse panuviya..... POO!!!

i encourage you all to come up with similarly mokka neefy poo fundas...

@brownie - are you indirectly hinting, behind my back, without my knowledge, that i should get rid of my phone???? how dare you?!!

Abhi! said...

mokkai naaye!!!
FYI, Neefy poo has got nothing to do with Fnl or fnh !

If you're bored, maybe you can go campaign for KRY... saying "picha podu maa.. ammaa.. thaaye.. phone velai seyille maa.. piche podu maa... "

Take the brownie along with you for company. She is vetti as well!!

Gounder Brownie said...

Dearest Soshy, how can you address me as brownie and woman all at once? Clearly proves that you lack a certain vital organ.

And I meant the brain.

Gounder Brownie said...

@Bearer- No, I've been in love with your phone since morning. I told you!! And Soshy seems to think our KRY is a beggarly organization. What a small-scale vision he has...poor IIM aspirant!

Dearest Soshy, out of the surplus we make, I might buy you a Fair and Lovely AND a Fair and Handsome all in one day. Now, wouldn't that be a treat??

Abhi! said...


I meant that you're a fake brownie and a real human! I don't think that brownies exist in this world

KRY is a beggarly organisation. I am sure you wouldn't be able to afford even a one rupee bubble gum, let alone cosmetic products

Gounder Brownie said...

Dearest Soshy, I am not in this world. How idiotic of you to not even comprehend this simple fact despite knowing me for how many months I do not know.

'Cosmetic products'- HMMMM. Sounds like you use a lot more stuff than just fairness creams. Why didn't you go for Lakme India Fashion Week? I recently saw a model with what looked like a cabbage on her head.

Looks like you have serious competition :p

Random thoughts from Chennai to Canada said...

Out of all the commercials I have seen,I like the detergent commercials...sounds a bit gay...but they make more sense than any other commercial and most of all they are cute...when I was 3 years old I was obsessed with Nirma's ad's...jandu balm was my other favourite...some tea ads are good...oh last summer when I was in Chennai I loved the Tide ad with 2 kids falling in mud and creating a mess...really cute one...

Abhi....your mom is tellin u that ur eyesight will be ruined so that u don't continue to get on her nerves by switching channels every

S said...

tat was surf excel!! and its really really cute!! :)

me also likes the close-up ad...with the camper in paris!! :) sweet!

Random thoughts from Chennai to Canada said...


oops...i was wondering if i said the wrong commercial...and i surely did...but whatever ad it was...its very cute...compared to the idiotic ones we get here