Sunday, February 12, 2006

Knotting a Tie!!!

I went to shop for some formal wear yesterday. Got a couple of shirts, a couple of trousers and came out feeling all good about the money spent!

Now, there was this little business of buying a tie, since I did not own one. Now, ties, I must add are very expensive, which is weird, considering that they have the least amoount of cloth on them!! Such are the strange ways of the fashion world. Once, I was watching this show on NDTV called Bombay Talkies where they were interviewing a well known fashion designer (don't remember his name now). Anyways, the stuff at his boutique costed anywhere from 50 grand to about 3 lakhs... 3 lakhs!!!!!!! That's how much it costs to perform an entire wedding!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, lets not digress.. Now, where was I?? Ahh, yeah!! TIES..
So, i go back to this store, in search of a tie. I find one that I like, and then focus my attention on the price tag. It was something like 799 bucks!! I am like, what??? That's how much a shirt costs, and I am sure that more work goes into making a shirt than a tie.. But then, as I said strange are the ways of the fashion world!!

Coming to the ties, common sense prevailed and I decided against spending 800 bucks on something that I am probably going to wear as many times as Saurav Ganguly is going to score a century. So, I went to an uncle, raided his wardrobe and am back with a few ties.

Yay!!! A good day's work, one might think!!
But, I DON'T know how to knot a tie!!!!

Note to self - Learn to knot tie!!!!

Later Edit

The fashion designer was Tarun Tahiliani!



S said...

*looks suitably shocked*

you dunno how to knot a tie and ur twenty?? *sigh*

as u often find pleasue in reminding me, i am 4 yrs younger to u but I KNOW HOW TO KNOT A TIE!! hehehe!!

and watz wit the slander abt ganguly??? :O

and to learn to knot a tie...someone's gotta teach you. frankly, they'd tear their hair out trying to do just tat! :D :D

sagaro said...

Chances of spotting u with a terribly knotted tie, is very bleak... now that ganguly is chucked out...

And S why exactly did u learn to knot a tie?

S said...

well...just a fancy...i practiced knotting my dad's tie.. :D

Abhi! said...

My tie was knotted by another friend.. I know how it works. Just that I mess it up 9.99 times out of ten. Don't ask me what about the remaining 0.01 times. Its just that I don't like to give absolute values for anything.

Saurav will be back! You just wait!

S said...

abhi...u hopeless...admit it this once!! :D

and i kno (frm personal experience) how capable u are of producing exact figures and statistic wen it suits u!! :))

abhi said...

I knotted the tie today!
so yay! i am not useless!!

S said...

me no accept unless i see myself!! :D

hamsini said...

*strangles you with your tie*

S said...

very noble intentions indeed!! i salute you!

why though??!

dooby said...

lolz!! i'm wit u on this one.. most designers create weird stuff n expect us to pay shitloads for it..n comin to ganguly, he plays very well n scores century wit the same frequency as u choose to be modest!! :D cheers mate!

Abhi! said...

you shall!! Some day!



Designer job is basically tailoring job:-P
And i shall choose to ignore your last line!

Preety said...


Is true, what you said regarding ties. The other day I shelled out $50 for a plain silver one. *Sigh* that is 10 Grande Gingerbread Lattes that I didn't drink.

And anyway, let me express Preety's theory of Expensivity:

Cost ($) of outfit = 1 / Size of Outfit (inches)

Ever wonder what women pay for unmentionables? In the range of $25- $50 - just for two triangles and a string!