Thursday, December 01, 2005

Cricket in the Rains!!

The last three matches in Chennai have been disrupted due to wet weather and its high time the BCCI took note of this fact. Matches should not be scheduled in Chennai during this time of the year.

Sharad Pawar is the new president and I hope that it makes a difference. There is another test match beginning in about 7 hours time. I sincerely hope that Cyclone Baaz either finds an alternate route or stays put in the Indian Ocean for a few days.



Camphor said...

Not likely, it's pouring right now.

Oh well. I guess it worked otu well that I don't have tickets to the match. :(

You know, if we stopped schedulign matches during rains - England would hardly host any matches at all. :)

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he he

Hellbrandt Grimm said...


Hope on, then. Don't I know thee?

Rains are wet. So is the sea. And the swimming pool.

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Abhi! said...

camphor and zydar:
hopefully there wil be a game tomo... monday i mean!