Saturday, October 01, 2005

Chappell vs Ganguly : Is the saga over??? - Part 2 of a two part post

To continue from where I left off in Part 1, there were other allegations levelled against Ganguly. One of them was that Ganguly spread tall tales about stuff that Chappell supposedly told him but Chappell denied these things by saying that Sourav only targeted middle order batsmen as they were the people most likely to replace the skipper in the Indian Line-up.

Chappell concludes by saying
"As I said to you during our meeting in Colombo, I have serious reservations about the attitude of some players and about Sourav and his ability to take this team to a new high, and none of the things he has done since his reappointment has caused me to change my view. In
fact, it has only served to confirm that it is time for him to move on and let someone else build their team toward the 2007 World Cup.

This team has been made to be fearful and distrusting by the rumour mongering and deceit that is Sourav's modus operandi of divide and rule. Certain players have been treated with favour, all of them bowlers, while others have been shunted up and down the order or left out of the team to suit Sourav's whims.

Ladies and Gentlemen ( and third sex too!!), the jury is out on this issue. And I guess, time is the best judge on all these matters.


Freddie Flintoff has spoken against Ganguly by calling him arrogant and terming him "Lord Snooty". Read the full story here.

Sunil Gavaskar on the other hand has spoken in favour of Ganguly but as he himslef admits, he has seen very little of Ganguly.

**End Updates**
And I am sure this is not the last we are hearing about this!


Camphor said...

This sort of thing can really disgust one. A fan now does nto follow the whole cricketing scene - why? Becasue sport has become politics. There should be more to it than this.

Perhaps the gentleman's game should have had enforced mercenari-ness. I don't see the use of leaving it up to the conscience of people anymore.

Gounder Brownie said...

Thanks, but do I know you??