Thursday, June 09, 2005

Random Thoughts

I am sitting in the library at IITM and this shared LAN connection is dead slow.. To kill time, me bloggin :-P
I came here in the morning at around 11 am and its now half past four. Actually accomplished lot and also did a lot of Vetti stuff like what I am doing now..

Thought 1:-

David Sheperd retires

This is one guy whom I respect in the cricketing arena. Umpire 'Shep' as he is known to people close to him stood in his final test match at Kingston, Jamaica some three days back. A chubby man from England, he was one of the most widely respected cricket umpires in the world. Loved the way in which he used to hop on one leg whenever the score was nelson (111, 222, 333 etc.. ). It was a wonderful gesture by Brian Lara to present him with a bat.
Hope Shep enjoys his retriement.

Thought 2:-

Why do so many people opt for software jobs?

This is one question that I have been trying to answer for quite some time. Recently, a friend of mine got a job at Tata consultancy services (TCS) thro' the college campus recruitment office. Now, this guy is a mechanical engineer. Maybe he has very good programming skilss and all that, but all that aside, I was wondering what made him opt for software when he has so much knowledge in mechanical engineering. This is just one example. There are numerous cases in which this has happened, people from non software backgrounds enter the software industry.

Is this due to the fact that there are lot of jobs in the offing in the software industry??

Is this due to the lack of jobs in core companies. ???

Is it because software companies supposedly offer better pay packets? Better hikes, other perks , etc.. ??

These are some of the questions that are in my mind right now..
From what I hear, the software job is pretty demanding and you just have to keep staring at the computer screen and coding . Doesn't that sound really boring??
I am glad I will never know.. Cos' come what may, I wil never ever accept a software job. Thank God for that!!

More thoughts will follow:-D


Danger in the Blog said...

Reply to Thought 2:-

I was wondering about this shift in career towards software. But after I came to think of it for a while, I realized:

* Prospects for jobs in specialized core companies are less in India.

* Software (for the moment) is blooming because our country as a service and maintenance buffer for the bigger developed countries.

* IT offers an easy way out for the newer fast food generation.


One more thing...Have you done graphics programming? It is all about creativity and thought process. Not all programming makes you numb in the a** :)

Abhi! said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Yeah, I think you are perfectly justified in ur thoughts. Graphics programming sounds like fun. Me was talkin abt conventional C/C++ etc etc.. But just because there are too many IT jobs available, do they give u job satisfaction??

wanderin warrior said...

Its a screwed up sector.

Abhi! said...

yeah, totally screwed up. But it still attracts people..

wanderin warrior said...

That is because they have no other choice.And most of these people are so dumb,they dont realise that but for a few people,there is no future for most people in the IT industry.I guess it takes about 3-4 years to see the light and realise that there is not much scope for your career to progress and it is very difficult for a person to rise in an organisation because all are on an equal footing,and there are thousands of employees!!! The starting salaries offered are lucrative but I suppose there wont be much growth as time progresses and the job is f***ing painful. The wise guys see the truth early.

Abhi! said...

wanderin warrior:
yeah, the salary is I think the major reason why the software industry attracts jobs. Infact, a IT major recruited abt a 140 from my coll recently and it had chemical engineers too.
I think if that happens, then there is no purpose in sloggin for four years to earn a chem engg degree if you goin to be doing nothin even remotely related to your degree

wanderin warrior said...

Thats exactly what i meant by saying they are all the same...most of them dont have a CS/IT is very shady.Machan basically there is no substitute for hard work da.In the long run it cannot happen that a person who has put more fight fares poorer.These chaps have effectively not done anything in their 4 yrs of ug(if chem chaps take up IT jobs)

Abhi! said...

wanderin warrior:
True dude. No substitute for hard work. I think hard work will pay off at some point or the other!

Anonymous said...

What to say.. ppl are lured into s/w companies in the name of perks laptops offshore... what is pathetic is they dont even hav time to spend with friends.. keep switching companies.. not knowing what job satisfaction means... what job profile means... As an American cartoonist had put it.. who knows one day even american school children will outsource their homeworks to be completed by indians... GOD SAVE INDIANS